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Anonymous asked: Mini-Meta: I believe that Mary intended to tell John about her past the night he proposed to her. That's why she had a jump drive with everything about her past saved on it & why she was so fast to agree with John that she was the best thing to happened to him. But Sherlock came back from the dead and John reacted badly to what seemed to be good news, and she got scared that if John couldn't forgive his best friend for not being dead then he wouldn't be able to forgive her lying about her past.




yaknow, that’s not half bad right there.

This is such a good headcanon OMFG.

I loved this headcanon.

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Captain America is my favourite superhero. But I think I should say that Steve Rogers is my favourite superhero. Loyal, big-hearted, good, brave, assertive, intelligent, hominal, "just a kid from Brooklyn".

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